Eccles and District Bowling League

Honours Board

                                                                                           OFFICIALS 2015

                                                                         President                          Chris Massey

                                                                         Chairman                           Bob Berry

                                                                         Hon. Sec.                          Sue Berry

                                                                         Treasurer                          Stewart Owen

                                                                         Fixtures Sec.                     Nev Hesketh

                                                                         Comp. Events Sec.            Ian Blythe   

Les Parkes Final

Hiley Cup

League Cups

Les Parkes 5 a Side

Les Parkes Five a Side Trophy

League Cups

Tripper Trophy

League Cups

Pairs Friday June 2nd. Monton

Niven Friday May 5th. Barrfield

Competitions 2017

Executive Meetings

Les Parkes Final

 The semi finals & final will be played at Ellesmere on Sunday September 3rd. at 11.30 a.m.

Dress code will be applied.

(Tuesday 29 August 2017)

Hiley Cup

Final Friday 18th.August  at Chandos  6.30 p.m.


    The Cup was won by Jack Kelly who beat another 'oldie' Chris Massey 21/17

The losing semi fianalists were Adam Bishop beaten by Jack to 17 & Colin Palmer beaten by Chris to 15.

The quarter finalists were Sue Berry beaten by Adam to 16, Syd Willison beaten by Jack to 12, Reg Williams beaten by Chris to 19 & Darren Porter beaten by Colin to 14.


(Wednesday 16 August 2017)

League Cups

The Cary Cup was won by Borough Social 'A' who beat Prestwich CT&BC 210 to 153


                                    The winning Borough team


The Fletcher Cup was won by Brackley 'B' who beat Pendleton 194 to 187


     The winners with the President & Rachel Williams grandaughter of Henry Fletcher.

(Monday 14 August 2017)

Les Parkes 5 a Side


All matches start at 6.30 p.m. (No practice)

All games 21 up

Teams handicapped on seasons league placing

First & Second rounds Five blocks on all greens. Three from one match two from the other.   Subsequnt rounds minimum of Three blocks.

Toss for Jack.  Winner has block for games 1, 3 & 5

Result of match detirmind by aggregate score. In case of a tie, team with most winners.

All players must have played at least one league match in the season.

Starred players can only play for the 'A' team

No player having played for a team can play for another team in a later game.

Any team entering an ineligible player will forfeit that game 21 - 0


(Saturday 12 August 2017)

Les Parkes Five a Side Trophy

The draw for Monday August 21st. is as follows:-

Bradford Street No.2 v Boothstown No.2   &   Monton v Irlam Steel  at Ellesmere As this is a preliminary round the winners will play each other on the night.

Winton Social 'C' V Ellesmere 'A' No.1   &   Winners v Winton Social 'B'   at Moorlands  (Winton Social 'B' will have a 10 minute practice before game starts)

Chandos No.1 v Pendleton   &   Moorlands 'B' No.1 v Winton Social 'A' No.2   at Brackley

Winton Park 'B' No.2  v Broadway   &   Pendleton (P.F.) v Barrfield   at Wiinton Social No.2

Moorlands 'A' No.1 v Winton Park 'B' No.1   &   Boothstown No.1 v Brackley'B'   at Monton

Winton Park 'A' No.1 v Borough Social 'B'   &   Borough Social 'A' No.1 v Height No.1   at Barrfield

Bradford Street No.1 v Winton Social 'A' No.1   &   Prestwich v Moorlands 'B' No.2   at Pendleton

Brackley 'A' v Ellesmere 'A' No.2   &   Height No.2 v Ellesmere 'B' No.1   at Chandos

Winton Park 'A' No.2 v Borough Social 'A' No.2   &   Chandos No.2 v Ellesmere 'B' No.2   at Winton Social No.1


Handicaps are;-

Winton Social 'A'    0    Pendleton (P.F.)    2    Ellesmere 'A'        4    Prestwich CT&BC      6    Borough Social 'A'    8    Brackley 'A'       10

Winton Park 'A'    12    Irlam Steel          14    Boothstown        16    Winton Social 'B'     18   Moorlands 'A'         20    Monton              22

Barrfield             24     Height                26    Bradford Street   28    Borough Social 'B'   30   Brackley 'B'            32    Moorlands 'B'     34

Pendleton           36     Broadway           38    Ellesmere 'B'       40    Winton Social 'C'     42   Chandos                44    Winton Park 'B'   46


For results go to 'Tables'

(Saturday 12 August 2017)

League Cups

The finals of the Fletcher & Cary Cups will be played at Monton on Sunday 13th. August at 11.30 a.m. & 2.30 p.m.

(Thursday 10 August 2017)

Tripper Trophy

The final match was played at Brackley on Saturday 15th. between Mark Worrall & Alan Tomlinson. Mark winning the trophy 21/11


The finalists with the President

The final was postponed to the following night due to the lateness of the finishing of the semi finals on Friday the 14th.

The semi finalists, all from Brackley, were Chris Massey beaten to 13 by Alan Tomlinson & Brian Leigh beaten to 16 by Mark Worrall.

In the quarter Finals Chris beat Tom Mainwaring to 19, Alan beat Lee Greenhalgh to 17, Brian beat Gordon Ashworth to 16 & Mark beat Darren Porter to 18.



(Sunday 09 July 2017)

League Cups

Handicaps have now been determind, based on league position at 13/6/2017 and are shown on individual competitions.

(Tuesday 13 June 2017)

Pairs Friday June 2nd. Monton

The cup was won by Gary Barnett & Tom Downie who beat Lee Greenhalgh & Darren Porter, in an excellent match, 21/20.

The semi's losing pairs were Philip Barlow & Adam Bishop who lost to Gary & Tom to 19 & John Grace & Curtis Mellor who lost to Lee & Darren to 12.

Due to the lateness of the finish 10.55 p.m. it was not possible to take photographs.

(Wednesday 31 May 2017)

Niven Friday May 5th. Barrfield

The trophy was won by John Grace who beat his pal Curtis Mellor to 8 in the final.

The seni finalists were Mike White beaten by John to 16 & Dave Helm beaten by Curtis to 10

The quarter finalists were Craig Bishop who lost to Mike to 15, Darren Porter who lost to John to 15,  Martin Sealey who lost to Curtis to 15 & John Heaton beaten by Dave to 12.

Due to poor quality of light no picture of the winner is available

(Monday 08 May 2017)

Competitions 2017

League Cups (Cary & Fletcher Cups)

  See 'Tables'. Venues to be confirmed later


Joe Niven

   Qualifying Monday 1st.. May at Winton Social No. 1, Chandos & Ellesmere.  6.30 p.m.

   Final Friday 5th.May at Barrfield.  6.30 p.m.


   Qualifiers Mondayday 29th. May at Borough & Boothstown. 6.30 p.m.

   Final Friday 2nd. June. at Monton. 6.30 p.m.


   Qualifiers Monday 10th. July at Height, Moorlands & Winton Park. 6.30 p.m.

   Final Friday 14th. July at Brackley. 6.30 p.m.


   Qualifiers Monday 14th. August at Winton Social No. 2, Barrfield & Ellesmere.  6.30 p.m.

   Final Friday 18th. August at Chandos.  6.30 p.m.

Les Parkes (5 a Side) Trophy

   First & subsequent rounds Monday 21st. Friday 25th. & Monday 28th.  August

   Semi's & Final Sunday 3rd. September.  11.00 a.m.

Bowler of the Year

   Sunday 10th. September at Pendleton   11.00 a.m.

Presentation Day

  Sunday 17th. September at Winton Social 11.00 a.m.     

(Sunday 05 February 2017)

Executive Meetings

The Executive Committee Meetings during the year will be held at Winton Social Club at 8.00 p.m. (8.15 p.m. May to September) on the following dates.


      April 6th.

      May 4th.

     June 1st.

     July 6th.

     August 3rd.

     September 7th.

     October 5th.

     December 7th.  (AGM)

     February 1st. 2018 (Formation of League)

     April 5th.    

(Saturday 15 February 2014)