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Welcome to the Knutsford and District Ladies’ Bowling League, founded in 1984 with six teams, now comprising twenty-two teams in two divisions, playing on Monday evenings. The League also organises a handicapped team knockout, an individual merit and a pairs’ competition.

To include your bowls news, or for further information, please contact Maggie Dale, Fixture Secretary.





VERY IMPORTANT. Cranford Bowling Club. Parking is now authorised permit holders only. The club has 6 permits available for visiting teams. A numberplate recognition system operates, and unauthorised vehicles face a £100 fine. Individuals must enter their number into a pad and this will be sent electronically to Britannia Parking. Captains to make and sign a list of their members' registration numbers and give this to the home captain. She will keep this in case of any problems arising. Make sure your team arrives in 6 cars or less.

(Sunday 18 March 2018)


Happy New Year to all . A reminder of new items. Only 9 players in the team. You may still play one twice, all 8 cards to be offered. The teams will be updated on the website after the March meeting when you return your amended team lists.

(Tuesday 14 February 2017)


Hello Ladies

Just a note on a few rules.

When nominating your first four players,  those players must be present at the time of the draw, otherwise the opposing captain may insist on a reserve or claim that game.

In the event of playing someone twice if short of players, all 8 cards must go into the draw, and if she cannot play twice for any reason, the game is forfeit.(please be a little flexible if one player is genuinely not available at the time of the start)

In the knockout, no practice is allowed for either side. Captains toss for odds or evens to take the block. Team order to be decided by both captains in advance, ie,  cards to be numbered.

(Sunday 13 April 2014)