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The Knutsford Bowling League was founded in 1922. We are open to bowls clubs within 12 miles radius of Knutsford. As well as an evening league of five divisions, we organise a team knockout competition, an individual Merit, an individual pairs and handicap competitions.

We are affiliated to the Cheshire County Bowling Asociation, and play under British Crown Green rules.

For information and inquiries please contact the KBL secretary -  
Email -
Mobile - 07957 496687

To find out where the greens are, go to the green finder.

At the last BCGBA rules revision meeting on Saturday 20th January 2018 it was passed that every club should have a named Safeguarding Officer who holds a current DBS. 

Monday 1st October at The Pack Horse B C.  2 Abbey Road Macclesfield Cheshire SK10 3AU.
Start 7.00pm prompt will last 2 hours cost is £16.00
Please send cheques to John Knapper 36 Belgrave Road Crewe CW2 7NH and make payable to ‘Cheshire County Bowling Association’
Course attendees will need to bring photographic proof of identity.
Those wishing to attend must contact county secretary John Knapper or Yvette Gregory beforehand to book their place.

Sunday 25th November at Whitby Sports & Social Club,  Dunkirk Lane, Ellesmere Port Cheshire CH65 6QF. In the Presidents Lounge
Start 7.00pm prompt will last 2 hours cost is £16.00
Please send cheques to John Knapper 36 Belgrave Road Crewe CW2 7NH and make payable to ‘Cheshire County Bowling Association’
Course attendees will need to bring photographic proof of identity and their National Insurance Number.
If anyone holds a current DBS certificate they must bring that with them.
Those wishing to attend must contact county secretary John Knapper beforehand to confirm their place.

Please click here to obtain a copy of the Knutsford Bowling League Rules.

Knustford Bowling League - 2019 AGM

The 2019 AGM will take place on Tuesday 22nd January at Knutsford Bowling Club. Starting time will be 8pm prompt.

Please send and proposals for rule changes to me BEFORE 7th January 2019.

Please note – ALL Teams in any BCGBA affiliated league MUST have a safeguarding office by 1st March 2019 

Agenda to follow.

Knutsford Bowling League AGM 2019

Cranford BC Parking restrictions - All visiting teams please read.

Safeguarding Courses



KBL ~ 2018 List of teams by divisions.

KBL ~ AGM 2017 Minutes


Knutsford Bowling League AGM 2019

The 2019 AGM will take place on Tuesday 22nd January at Knutsford Bowling Club. Starting time will be 8pm prompt.

Please send and proposals for rule changes to me BEFORE 7th January 2019.

Please note – ALL Teams in any BCGBA affiliated league MUST have a safeguarding office by 1st March 2019 

Agenda to follow.

(Sunday 09 December 2018)

Cranford BC Parking restrictions - All visiting teams please read.

All teams visiting Cranford BC (Cons Club) please read the attached document regarding parking at the club.

Note for Leagues & Clubs on Car Parking Arrangements.docx

(Sunday 18 March 2018)

Safeguarding Courses

The next Safeguarding Course will be held at Knutsford Bowling Club Mereheath Lane Knutsford WA16 6SL on Saturday 9th June at 10.30 am

Cost will be £16 per person and cheques made payable to Cheshire County Bowling Association.

To reserve your place on the course please contact John Knapper at or telephone 07786171422. Places will only be confirmed on receipt of cheque.

Those attending the course will need to provide:-

  • their email address
  • photographic evidence of identification (passport or driving licence)
  • their National Insurance Number for the DBS checks

Remember all clubs must have a trained safeguarding officer in place by 1st March 2019.

(Friday 09 March 2018)







(Tuesday 13 February 2018)




Dear Sirs. 

The Annual General Meeting of the Knutsford Bowling League is to be held at Knutsford Bowling Club on, Tuesday 13 February 2018. The meeting is scheduled to start at 20:00, but because we have the minutes of the previous AGM and these proposals to read it may be better to start at 20:30.


KBL AGM Agenda ~ 2018:    (Please also refer to any attached documents) 


In Memoriam 2017:        Those players who last year sadly departed from this life, for the next one. 


1                     Minutes of last AGM and matters arising. 

2                     Secretary’s Report. 

3                     Competitions Secretary’s Report.            

 4                     Treasurer’s Report/Auditor’s Report 

5                     Chairman’s Report 

6                     Election of Officers.        Often elected en-bloc. 



Present Incumbent

Any new proposals?



Mr K Barker,                         (MPC)

Mr N S Hough                       (XT)



Mr A B Davies                       (RLY)



Vice Chairman

Mr R Eaton                            (GC)



General & League Secretary

Mr N S Hough                       (MVH)

Mr ‘Jid’ Webb                       (XT)


Competitions Secretary

Mr J T Venables                    (CBC)




Mr B Tulley                            (MVH)




Mr L Jennings  FCA              Deceased

Mr Bill Cartwright (CRN)


League Delegate

Mr R Brandreth                    (XT)



General Delegates

Mr R Eaton (GC), Mr N Harris (MPC),

Mr J Hirst (HL), Mr I Ritchie (CRN).


Honorary Life Members

Mr Ken Barker, Mr Don Booth, Mr Nick Hough. Any more nominations?

 7                     Confirmation of continuing existing teams and election of new teams, if any. (See overleaf/attached.) 

8                     Rules Revision. See overleaf and any attachments. 

9                     Presentation Night. Should this be held at Crosstown Club again?

10                 AOB. None advised.  


N.S. Hough. (GLS) February 2018.                             Cont.



Received 07 November 2017 from, Robert Eaton Secretary Good Companions B C. 

Please could I submit the following for discussion and voting upon at the 2018 KBL AGM? 

During the 2017 season the Knutsford bowling league has been run with no production and allocation of handbooks and also without results sheets. The Good Companions bowling club would like to see the returning of both 

Handbooks contain rules, fixtures and, among other things, a roll of honour of the past winners both individuals and teams 

We think that it is useful to have a handbook that is a quick and easy reference point for future fixtures, for any queries regarding league rules and for, those anoraks amongst us, an interesting read looking at past winners. To the best of our knowledge no other league has done away with the used of handbooks. 

Result Sheets. The use of the internet for the submission of league results has certainly been a success, however after completion of a match, it is useful to have a result sheet to fill each individual game and then be signed by each captain. This is then a paper copy to keep just in case there are any questions after submission of the result by the home captain.


Yours sincerely Robert Eaton, Secretary Good Companions BC.


Received from David Mee, Secretary Knutsford Bowling Club.


The following are the 2 proposals to change the format of the Men’s League Team KO. 

This proposal is based on the fact that the Men’s league is played primarily on Tuesday and Wednesday nights and that playing the KO on Thursday does not favour a lot of teams forcing them to scratch certain rounds.

Introduce another trophy so there are two trophies to play for in the knockout competition. 

These proposals will have little or no disruption to the league fixtures


Proposal 1 

Introduce another trophy so there are two trophies to play for in the knockout competition. 

Split the 5 divisions in the middle which means going off final positions from last season Div. 1 and 2 and Div. 3 top half will play in KO Comp 1 and Div. 4 and 5 and Div. 3 bottom half in KO Comp 2. 

  1. There would be 30 teams in each KO Competition.  2 will have a bye in first round.
  2. Two rounds would then have to be played to get to last 8. (Quarter Final)
  3. Quarter Final and Semi Final/Final to be played on separate dates on Neutral Greens. 

Handicaps can be based from the two halves separately. 

Proposal 2 

Preliminary, 1st and 2nd Round to be played on a 4 home/4 away basis.

This would take the arranging of neutral greens out of the equation and the attendance of a representative from that neutral club.

Two games could be taking place on same green.




Applications received from other clubs wishing to join the Knutsford Bowling League.


 Dear Mr Hough, 

We at the Lloyd Hotel Bowling Club are considering applying to join your league in 2019.

Our AGM is on 12 January 2018 and would like to discuss with our members the possibility of joining your league.

We are based in Chorlton, Manchester; the postcode for our green is M21 9AN. We are a pub bowling tem and do have floodlights. We believe one of the requirements our club must fulfil in order to be able to apply to join your league is that our green has to be within 12 miles of Knutsford town centre. I can confirm from checking the internet as the crow flies our green is 11 miles from Knutsford town centre. 

What we need to know before our AGM is if there are any other requirements the Lloyds would need to fulfil in order to submit an application.

Steven Ridley
Secretary, Lloyd Hotel Bowling Club 

Thu 14/12/2017 23:22


 A similar inquiry to the above was made about the 1919 Season by Victoria Park BC, Warrington WA4 1DU



Received, Thu 25/01/2018 14:05                FROM RUDHEATH BC.


             Rudheath would like to put an other team into the Knutsford night league  if

a place is available in the 2018 season

Regards David.


Secretary’s Note.


I have heard that it may not be possible for the Victoria Club to field two teams in the coming 2018 season. I would hate fore this to happen but we may have a vacancy in Division Two

 In view of the fact that there is an obvious interest from new clubs wishing to join our league, perhaps now is the time to discuss any possible ways of making room for new blood.


End.     End.


(Tuesday 13 February 2018)

KBL ~ 2018 List of teams by divisions.


  KBL ~ 2018 List of teams by divisions.    
        With provisional TKO handicaps.
      Team Prov H/C      
1 D1 1 Knutsford BC A 0      
2   2 Mob Victory Hall A 2      
3   3 Railway A 3      
4   4 Altrincham Boro 4      
5   5 Budenburg 5      
6   6 Good Comps 6      
7   7 Alderley Union A 7      
8   8 Swettenham A 8      
9   9 Crosstown A 9      
10   10 Chelford BC A 10      
11   11 Grange BC 11      
12   12 Wilmslow R.B.L. A 12      
13 D2 1 Rudheath BC 18      
14   2 Mere A 19      
15   3 Mob Victory Hall B 20      
16   4 Railway B 21      
17   5 Hartford RC 24      
18   6 Chelford BC B 25      
19   7 Wilmslow Cons A 26      
20   8 Knutsford BC B 27      
21   9 Swettenham B 30      
22   10 Victoria A 31      
23   11 Mob Victory Hall C 32      
24   12 Wilmslow BC A 33      
25 D3 1 Crosstown B 37      
26   2 Grappenhall 38      
27   3 Swettenham C 39      
28   4 Sandbach Park A 40      
29   5 Cranford B 43      
30   6 Mere B 44      
31   7 High Legh A 45      
32   8 Cranford A 46      
33   9 Navigation 49      
34   10 NFU 50      
35   11 Swettenham D 51      
36   12 Wilmslow R.B.L. B 52      
37 D4 1 Sandbach Park B 56      
38   2 Alderley Union B 57      
39   3 Crosstown C 58      
40   4 Hale Village BC A 59      
41   5 Goostrey 62      
42   6 Railway C 63      
43   7 Church Inn A 64      
44   8 Cranford C 65      
45   9 Chelford BC C 67      
46   10 Mob Victory Hall D 68      
47   11 Mere C 69      
48   12 Oughtrington 70      
49 D5 1 High Legh B 76      
50   2 Wilmslow R.B.L. C 77      
51   3 Crosstown D 78      
52   4 Victoria B 80      
53   5 Wilmslow Cons B 81      
54   6 Mere D 82      
55   7 Wilmslow BC B 85      
56   8 Knutsford BC C 86      
57   9 Church Inn B 87      
58   10 Hale Village BC B 91      
59   11 Mere E 92      
60   12 Cranford D 93      


(Tuesday 13 February 2018)

KBL ~ AGM 2017 Minutes


 Minutes of Annual General Meeting, 2017.

Held at Knutsford Bowling Club on Monday 30 January, starting at 2000hrs. 

 Silent Invocation. 

A one-minute silence was observed in remembrance of the bowlers, who had died since the last AGM.

Alan Fletcher (CBC), Harold Bradbury (CBC), Stan Marlowe (KBC), Garth Walker (VIC).



Apologies were received from John Venables. (Absent clubs will be fined as per Rule G3.) 

Minutes of 2017 AGM. 


The minutes were accepted, all in favour, following a proposal by HBC, seconded by XT. 


Matters Arising.                   None.


Secretary’s Report.


Nick Hough said, “I am pleased to report that the self-posting of league match results got off to quite a good start last season, with some clubs embracing it more than others. You now realize that the username and password is very important and you must be accurate with it. The results posting window is one week long starting from the latest published match date. Remember, both teams can post and alter results, so please co-operate if one team is less computer literate than the other. It is important that there is a point of contact for each club’s main results specialist, but how many people you give your password to is up to you. Passwords will not be changing this year.

 This coming year each club will be able to register their own players up to a certain cut-off date and the TKO results will also be entered at club/team level. The KBL Handbook will be published this year but this may be the last edition if the league rules and rolls of honour can be incorporated on the website. This act alone will release some £700 or so for increasing prize money or for other activities. (Secretary’s Note. The handbook was not in fact published during the year.) 

You will have noticed that I have not been fulfilling my duties with quite my normal zest, these last 12 months, for this I apologize. I feel that as I enter my 15th year as League Secretary I may be getting a bit long in the tooth for this task. With that in mind, I think that this will probably be the last year that I stand for this office.

The time has come for you all to think of my successor. 

I would like to thank you all for the help and co-operation you have given me over this last year.”


Competition Secretary’s Report. 

John Venables had sent apologies and a report which read.

“Last year was a successful year in that there were good entries in all comps Thank you to all who contributed with greens, organising and taking part in the competitions.

This year comps will be run on same format if the AGM agree. Any problems in entries etc.  email JTV867@ Please inform all your fellow bowlers the comps are open to all bowlers Emmett Cup at  Good Companions Walter Baskerville at Mere Len Gallimore Pairs at Chelford Best Wishes for 2017 season.  John.” 


Treasurer’s Report / Auditor’s Report. 

Bruce Tully presented to all clubs present, a detailed financial report for the 12 months to year ending

30 November 2016. This report showed the sum closing balance of all accounts to be £2767.79 this was £0.37 greater than last year’s balance of £2768.16. Bruce said that this was acceptable.

Mr Les Jennings FCA reported that he had audited the accounts and had found them to be correct, and he recommended them to the clubs for acceptance. Following a proposal by Good Companions, seconded by Wilmslow Royal British Legion, all clubs present voted to accept the report. The representatives thanked both the treasurer and the auditor for their work.


 Chairman’s Report.

 Chairman Tony Davies said, jokingly, that he was disappointed that his club The Railway had not won the last ‘Best Kept Green Award. He thanked the MC for their work and wished everyone all the best, for the new season.


Election of Officers.

 The existing MC and Mr Les Jennings as auditor were proposed for re-election en-bloc, by KBC, seconded by CRN, for another year. The motion was carried unanimously, the MC were then awarded a vote of thanks by the members.


Election of new teams

There were thankfully no withdrawals of teams and no new proposals, so status quo as last year.


Rules Revision.

 The GLS was again authorized to make suitable changes to the rules to accommodate self-reporting and similar.

 A proposal from Goostrey BC to admit lady members to the KBL was WITHDRAWN.

 A proposal from Mere Parish Club to change the name of the KBL was WITHDRAWN.

 A proposal from Mere Parish Club to alter the number of votes cast by each club at the KBL AGM was LOST.

 Subject: Proposed change to, KBL Team KO. Knutsford BC wishes to discuss at the next AGM meeting, a proposal to change the format of the Team KO handicap competition. The proposal is to change the match format to a four games at home and four games away, when teams have been drawn out against each other. This format was experienced by KBC in the Interleague competition and found to be highly successful. It would negate the need to have neutral greens allocated for the various rounds and the argument that it brings about distances 2 full teams have to travel to complete their fixture. Tuesday and Wednesday nights would be allocated to complete the various rounds and would accommodate teams with 4 teams in the draw. Any team with 5 teams would have to play on another night as in previous comps. Neutral greens in the final rounds for full 8 player teams to compete for these final stages. I have discussed this with various players and it has met with a positive feedback but at the meeting the proposal would have to be seconded and put to the vote.

Regards David Mee, Bowling Secretary Knutsford Bowling Club. 

Proposed. Knutsford BC.     Seconded. Navigation.      Voted. After discussion, LOST, by a good margin.


Presentation Night. 

It was agreed that this season’s awards night, will be held in October 2017, for a second year at Crosstown BC.


AOB.       None.


The Chairman thanked the members for their attendance.                                                                                             

 The meeting closed at 21:59.



N.S. Hough. (GLS)  23 December 2017.


(Tuesday 13 February 2018)



Players’ membership cards

All players competing in competitions organised by Cheshire CBA or in any of the affiliated leagues are required to hold life membership of the BCGBA and of Cheshire CBA. The membership cards can be obtained from the County Registrar:

Mr John Small
17 Farriers Way
CW7 2TS         Tel. 01606 599268

Applications should enclose the fee (£10 for BCGBA membership and £3 for Cheshire membership). If you are applying only for Cheshire membership (e.g. if you have a BCGBA card via another county), please enclose a stamped addressed envelope. New members of BCGBA receive a Welcome Pack, which won’t fit in a small envelope.



(Tuesday 26 April 2005)