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This section includes all results since 2010. For the league tables from 2005 to 2009 see the Stockport Bowls site (link at left).

Proposed Rule Changes for 2018 Season

New League Bowlers

Proposed Rule Changes for 2018 Season

Proposed rule changes made by the Committee, to be voted on at the AGM, which is on Monday 8th January 2018

There will be no discussion just a vote.

Please discuss with your club/team members so everyone is fully aware of the changes.

1. Start time of league matches. This season the First Division started earlier than the other 2 Divisions. The rule regarding the start times should be altered to:

All matches in April to start at 6.30pm. Matches in May, June & July to start at 7.00pm. Matches in August to start at 6.30pm.

This is to avoid any confusion if the Divisions start on differing dates in April in the future.

2. Make the season shorter, so any rearranged games may be played at the end of the season without affecting the Workshop Cup.

In order to do this it is proposed that the league to consist of 4 Divisions, 8 teams in the first 3 and 7 teams in the fourth. At the moment the first division lasts 20 weeks and the other divisions last 18 weeks. By going to 4 Divisions the season would be over 14 weeks, the fourth division having 2 byes in that.

By doing this it would mean there would hopefully be no league games played on Bank Holidays. This has caused problems for some teams in the past.

I have included a calendar at the end of this to show how the matches would fit in, it is to show how many weeks are required for a League with 3 Divisions and the Cup rounds against a League with 4 Divisions and the Cup rounds.

3. Competitions. These have been held on Saturdays for several years, possibly since the League started. However this was the first year neither competition was held due to lack of numbers. This may be due to the weather but also to members playing in a Saturday league.

It is therefore proposed to change the day of the competitions to Sundays for next year’s season. See how many entries there are and review it again and the end of the season.

4. Workshop Cup. This has been played at the end of the season, which has made final quite late, this year being the first Sunday in October. It has also meant that not all greens could be used, only the greens with lights. This season the weather has been very rainy for the Workshop Cup matches which has created many problems in getting the matches played.

The Committee would like to change this so the Workshop Cup first 3 rounds are played in June so all greens can be used. The semi-final and final still being played at the end of the season, beginning of September. Hopefully by moving the competition to June the weather will be better and the matches will not have to be cancelled.

There are two options to playing the Workshop cup:

  1.  To be played on a neutral green with the problems of the host club having to open and close green, and the first team in the draw having to take some blocks to the neutral venue.
  2.  Or 4 home 4 away, which means the home members are already there but may have difficulties where a club has 2 teams ( 2 from each team to play during 2 sessions on the green).

  The handicapping for the Workshop Cup would then be based on the teams’ position at the end of the previous season.

5.      Change in number in teams to 8 a side

Teams have indicated that they would not be able to continue in the League if the number of players in the team remains at 10. If it was reduced to 8 a side then they would be able to raise a team and remain the League.

After looking at how many teams have drawn out this season the result is:

Only 2 teams out of 31 did not draw out at all.

The remaining 29 teams drew out during the season 154 times.

2 teams drew out 13 times with one player playing twice 7 times.

  2 teams during the season turned up for matches with 6 players, so after drawing out still had to give away 42 points.

  The Committee is trying to abide by League Rule 2: The League’s objective shall be the promotion and encouragement of the playing of Crown Green Bowls by female members in League and competition matches.

The Committee do not want to lose any teams from the League as that would make the season shorter.


Season for 2018

                             3 Divisions                                                           4 Divisions

April       02          Free week                       Easter Monday               Free week

              09          Match 1                                                                Match 1

              16          Match 2                                                                Match 2

              23          Match 3                                                                Match 3

              30          Match 4                                                                Match 4

May    07         Match 5                           Bank Holiday                    Free week

              14          Match 6                                                                 Match 5

              21          Match 7                                                                 Match 6

              28          Match 8                           Bank Holiday                    Free week

June     04          Match 9                                                                  Match 7

              11          Workshop cup 1st round                                           Workshop Cup 1st Round

              18          Workshop cup 2nd round                                          Workshop Cup 2nd Round

              25          Workshop cup 3rd round                                           Workshop Cup 3rd Round

July       02          Match 10                                                                 Match 8

              09          Match 11                                                                 Match 9

              16          Match 12                                                                 Match 10

              23          Match 13                                                                 Match 11

              30          Match 14                                                                 Match 12

Aug       06          Match 15                         Bank Holiday                     Free week

              13          Match 16                                                                  Match 13

              20          Match 17                                                                  Match 14

              27          Free week                       Bank Holiday                        Free week

                                           Following Sunday Sept 2nd Workshop Cup Semi-final and Final

Sept        03          Match 18                                                                   Monday to play any cancelled matches

              10          Match 19

              17          Match 20




If any team would like a copy of this then please let me know and I will either email it or post it.

Janice Wilson    0161 282 7659    07921124462     or  email


(Friday 06 October 2017)

New League Bowlers

Teams within the League are wanting new bowlers.

If anyone knows of any lady bowlers looking for a club please give them my number (0161 282 7659 or 07921124462) and I will club contacts desperate for players.


Janice Wilson  S&D Registration Secretary

(Sunday 21 May 2017)