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Direct entry of match results

For some leagues the match results can be entered directly by the team captains.


Every team is issued with a user name and password. These are for your team only, and allow you to enter match results involving your team(s) (at home or away). Data can only be entered in the week following the match.

Either captain (or someone on their behalf) can enter the match details. Normally they should agree if one or the other is going to do this. The home captain must in all cases keep the original match sheet. The league secretary may ask for it to resolve disputes.

If a mistake is spotted in the week following the match then either captain can correct it. After a week, or if there’s any suspicion that it isn’t an accidental slip, the problem should be reported to the league. The league officials will then ask for the match sheet and update the match details based on that.

How to enter a match result

On the web site, go to your division (showing the fixtures). Click on either team name. This opens up the normal match page, initially with no details:

Match sheet

From here, click on “Edit match”. You will be invited to log in:

Login form

Enter the user name and password for your club and click on “Log in”. For the demonstration league, use demo for both.

Note that it’s important to get the capital and small letters right. The login name starts with an abbreviation of the league name, then a space then the club name. There may be more spaces in the club name.

You will then arrive at the edit-match page:

Match data entry sheet

Select the players by clicking on the little arrows (Downward arrow) and clicking on a player from the list. You may have to use the scroll bar if there are lots of registered players.

You can enter the scores in the same way, or simply type in the boxes. You only need to enter the losing score. The winner’s score will be entered automatically. The match totals update as you go along. When you’ve finished, they should agree with the match sheet.

In some leagues, players are allowed to play twice to make up the numbers. In this case, just pick the name again from the list. You will be asked to confirm this. A suffix “(2)” will be added to the player’s name for his/her second game.

When everything is complete, click on “Submit”. You will be returned to the match page, now fully complete. The league tables and other information will also have been updated.

Quick entry using the keyboard

Many users will find it quicker to enter the match results just using the keyboard:

Unregistered players

Some leagues require that players be registered before they can play. In this case the drop-down lists show all the registered players.

Other leagues allow players to be registered from the match sheet. When this happens, the drop-down list includes a list of inactive players (typically they were registered in the previous season), and also an entry “Unregistered player”:

Inactive players

You can select one of the inactive players in the normal way. If the player is not listed, select Unregistered player. A new box opens up (with a yellow background) where you can type the name:

Unregistered player

Before you enter a new name like this, you should make sure the name isn’t already listed. Bill Smith may be listed as W Smith, and misspellings of names are common, so look for likely variations on the name.

Possible problems

Extra features for league secretary

Club users can only edit matches involving their club, and only if the match was played in the past week. The league secretary can do more: