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Helpful information:

Registration Sheet 2024:
Registration Sheet 2024

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Score Sheet 2024

Welcome to the web site of the Stockport & District Ladies Bowling League.  This section includes all results since 2010 in archives.  More helpful information from the AGM January 2024 will be added as teams have requested.  Thanks to you all for your inputs.

Our 2024 Committe are: 

President - Avril Mather

Chairlady - Michelle Beecham

Treasurer - Joan Holt

Secretary - Anne Roscoe

Registration Secretary - Sue Mansfield



Ladies Pairs Knockout Competition 2024

Dates for diary

Car Parking - High Lane and Northenden

Workshop Cup

The League



Ladies Pairs Knockout Competition 2024

S & D Pairs Knockout Competition Saturday 13th July at Alexandra Park (16 pairs needed).  £2 per player.  Commencing 10.30am. Closing date for entry 6th July. Register with Anne Roscoe please.  (Email or see handbook for mobile number).



(Tuesday 30 January 2024)

Dates for diary

S & D Ladies Bowling League Meetings:

Monday 8th January 2024  at 7.30 - Annual General Meeting (West Heaton)

Monday 4th March 2024 at 7.30 - Registration Meeting, Payments, Handbooks, Score Cards (West Heaton)

Monday 7th October 2024 at 7.30 - Delegates meeting with proposals (West Heaton)


Monday 6th January 2025 at 7.30 - Annual General Meeting (West Heaton)

Monday 3rd March 2025 at 7.30 - Registration Meeting, Payments, Handbooks, Score Cards (West Heaton)

(Wednesday 10 January 2024)

Car Parking - High Lane and Northenden

Car registrations must be entered in the machine which is located at the side of the green at High Lane and at Northenden it is on the bar inside the Club. Also need to input your car registration at Waggon & Horses, Handforth - please note that ou have 10 minutes in which to do this.  Failure to enter you car registration could lead to you being fined.

(Thursday 16 February 2023)

Workshop Cup

1st round Monday 24th June

2nd round Monday 22nd July

3rd round Monday 2nd September

Semi-final and Final Sunday 8th September 10,00 for a10.30 am  start at Alexandra Park

(Friday 10 February 2023)

The League

The league consists of 3 divisions A, B and C consisting of 8 teams with 8 players.  Matches at the beginning and end of the season commence at 6.30 pm but from 2nd week in May matches start at 7 pm.  

(Monday 6 February 2023)


League meetings will be held at West Heaton Bowling Club commencing  at 7.30pm

Delegates Meeting                 Monday  16 October 2023

Annual General Meeting        Monday  8 January 2024

Registration Meeting             Monday  4 March 2024

Delegates Meeting                 Monday  7 October 2024

Annual General Meeting        Monday  6 January 2025

Registration Meeting             Monday   3 March 2025



(Monday 5 September 2022)


If any player on a team is unable to play, the opposing team should be awarded the game 21-0, but in accordance with BCGBA rules their opponent should win 21-14 for averages.

(Monday 23 May 2022)