Widnes and District Seniors Bowling Association

Constitutional rules




The Widnes Seniors Bowling League  consists  of men or women over the age of 55 who play in teams of eight bowlers. Each team plays each other home and away during a season and the league is separated into two divisions.

Management - The league will be managed by an elected committee consisting of Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer. The officers will be elected by all members at the Annual General Meeting in February. A Fixtures Meeting will be held before the start of the seasn where clubs will register, will pay their seasons fees and will receive the fixtures for the season. A half Yearly Meeting will take place in October to award prizes to the winners and runners up in each division and the winners of any competitions played. 



Preliminary Round Fixture Amendment Houghgreen V Rainhill

Isherwood Cup draw and dates. (Team handicaps are shown in brackets)

Fixture Meeting update

AGM 1st February at the United Service Club

Annual General Meeting 2024

Half yearly meeting October 19th United Services Club.

Isherwood Cup plate result.

Isherwood Cup Final result

Isherwood cup RESULT

Preliminary Round Fixture Amendment Houghgreen V Rainhill

The Preliminary round Isherwood cup match between Houghgreen and Rainhill will now take place on Wednesday 15th May the game venue is still JLR. Handicaps are shown in brackets.

Houghgreen (54) v Rainhill (6)  Venue JLR.  Prelim match number 2

(Thursday 28 March 2024)

Isherwood Cup draw and dates. (Team handicaps are shown in brackets)

The preliminary round of the Isherwood cup will be played on Wednesday 8th May the first two matches are

Subscription 2 (42) v Subscription 1 (3) Venue. Subscription    Prelim game 1

Halewood1 (30) v Runcorn War Memorial (15) Venue. United Services    Prelim game 3

The first round will be played on 20th June

Winner prelim1 v Winner prelim 2

Winner prelim 3 v JLR2 (45)

Lane Ends (9) v Widnes Bowler 1 (8)

United Services 1 (21) v Widnes Bowler 2 (27)

Willow Brook (24) v Eccleston (-8)

Halewood 2 (36)  v JLR3 (48)

JLR1 (18) v Pavilions (51)

United Services 2  (39) v Victoria Park (33)

Venues will be added shortly and each team captain will be informed.


(Friday 22 March 2024)

Fixture Meeting update

The fixture meeting will be held on Thursday 21st March at the United Services club at 19.00h. The league fixtures are now available to view and each club should now have received an invoice. The draw for the Isherwood Cup will be made at the end of the meeting by the management committee. Handicaps for each team will be given on the night.

Teams can now send a list of players for registration to the secretary.

(Monday 26 February 2024)

AGM 1st February at the United Service Club

Pensioners bowls meeting Thursday 1st February United Services Club 19.00hrs.


  1. The Chairman opened the meeting by remembering deceased colleagues. A special mention was made for Alf Steven’s as Alf had been a loyal servant to running bowls in the Widnes district for many years
  2. The minutes of the half yearly meeting on 19th October were agreed as correct.
  3. No new matters were raised
  4. The Secretary reported that the league had an excellent season with good weather and good competitive games. He also reported that all teams had done really well in getting the scores in a lot quicker mainly by What’s Ap. He then announced that he would not be standing for re-election. The Chairman thanked Arthur for his loyal service and for stepping in at a really difficult time and guiding the league through a difficult period. Arthur guided and kept the league together throughout the Covid season. Arthur also agreed to help the new secretary set up next seasons fixtures.Appreciation was shown by all .
  5. The Treasurer reported that following the introduction of the plate trophy the league had made a small loss of £315. Because the balance sheet was relatively strong no concerns were raised  however he recommended a small increase of fees by £10 to £50 per team. The proposal was accepted. The treasurer also announced that he would not be seeking re-election. The Chairman thanked Harry for doing the job from 2016 to the present day and again guiding us through the Covid Season. He agreed to guide a new treasurer through the handover period. Appreciation was shown by all .
  6. All teams announced that they would be entering the same teams as the previous season and Lane Ends application was unanimously approved.
  7. The following people were duly elected as officers for the coming season.

      President  Arthur Holdroyd

      Chairman Ken Hill

      Vice Chairman Steve Spence

      Secretary Steve Spence

      Treasurer  Dave Rushton.

      Auditor Ken Hill 

      Management Committee positions. Runcorn Subscription and Halewood.

      Steve Spence requested that clubs ask their members if someone would like to become Vice 

      Chairman. If possible they could pick up the position at the fixture meeting.

8) Fees have been raised to £50.

9) The following rule changes have been approved and are now on the rules website.

Constitutional rule 5 now states that the Auditor will be elected annually.

Match rule 9 states that if a team cannot provide any players they will forfeit the game 168/0. The winners will receive a 168/0 win plus two match points.

Match rule 10. Visiting players will not be allowed on the green 24 hours before a game.

Competition Rule 2 All players must have played two games prior to the round of 16 in the Isherwood Cup and four games prior to the quarter finals at the end of the season. For the plate players must have played 2 games before the preliminaries and 4 games before the Quarter Finals.

10) The fixture and registration meeting was set for Thursday 21st 1900hrs at the United services.


The first round of league fixtures will commence on Thursday 18/04/ 2024 with the last round on 22/8/2024. The Isherwood Cup round of 16 will take place on 20/06/2024 with the quarter final of both cups taking place on 29/08/2024 and both finals on 12/09/2024.





(Thursday 8 February 2024)

Annual General Meeting 2024

The 2024 AGM will be held on Thursday 1st February at the United Services Club commencing at 19.00hrs.

The Agenda is as follows.

1) Deceased Colleagues Remembered

2) Minutes of the half yearly AGM held on 19/10/2023  ( copies of the minutes will be available on the night)

3) Matters arising 

4) Secretary's report

5) Treasures report

6) Team Registration 2024 Season

7) Election of Officers 

President, Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Auditor and 2 positions on the Management Committee 

8) Fees 2024 season

9) Rule changes ( reminder that all potential rule changes must be submitted to the secretary by 18th Jan.)

10 Date for the fixtures meeting. 




(Wednesday 10 January 2024)

Half yearly meeting October 19th United Services Club.

The half yearly meeting will take place at the United Services club on Thursday October 19th at 19.00. Agenda.

1 Roll Call

2 Minutes of 2023 AGM from 16.2.2023

3  Matters arising

4 Chairman's Report 

5 Secretary's Report

6 Treasures Report

7.Honoraria 2023.  Secretary £250 Treasurer £150 Auditor £25

Trophies and Prize Presentation

Division 1 Winners.Eccleston  Runners up Runcorn Subscription.  Averages Derek Roylance Eccleston 

Division 2 Winners. Widnes Bowler 2  Runners Up Victoria Park. Averages Paul Nicklin USC2

Isherwood Cup Winners. Eccleston Runners Up Widnes Bowler 1

Isherwood Plate Winners.  Widnes Bowler 2  Runners Up Victoria Park.

(Friday 6 October 2023)

Isherwood Cup plate result.

The final match of the season was played today over at Runcorn Subscription and many congratulations to Widnes Bowler 2 who defeated Victoria Park in the final of the Isherwood Plate. Both teams had played well to reach the final but it was the Bowler who won a tight match by 12 to add the Plate trophy to the Second Division Title which they have also won.

Many thanks to Runcorn Subscription for the use of the green and facilities today and indeed thank you to all the teams who have made their greens available to allow both cups to be completed. Special thanks to all those people who have opened and closed greens to enable all of the games to be played on neutral venues.

(Thursday 28 September 2023)

Isherwood Cup Final result

Congratulations to Eccleston who won the Isherwood Cup final today against the Widnes Bowler 1 at Halewood. Both teams have played well throughout the tournament to earn their place in the final but it was Eccleston who were the stronger team on the day winning out by 61 to earn themselves a league and cup double. Many thanks to Halewood for hosting the final.

(Thursday 21 September 2023)

Isherwood cup RESULT

 Final   Thursday 29th  September

The winners of the Isherwood Cup are ECCLESTON who narrowly beat Runcorn War Memorial at Halewood

Congratulations to the winning team


(Friday 9 September 2022)