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 Next league meeting, Dunscar Conservative Club, Wed 27th Febuary 2019 . 8-00 pm

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League Rules 2018

Cup Competitions

(Wednesday 30 May 2018)

Team Contact Information

Dunscar        A

Les Brown

01204 593135

DUNSCAR       B 

Paul Brabin

07940 590161

01204 593517




Andy Parkington

07789 777219


Mark Jowett

01204 300608

Bradshaw    A

Tony Wilkins


            Cyril Wikins



Bradshaw   B

Russ Hamer

Little Lever A

Stan Jackson

01204 574580

07842 342252


John Southern

01204 398958


George Conner

Kearsley & Ringley

Vic  Howarth

01204 705232


Terry Pickup

01204 796218


Plodder Lane   B

Phil Brightwell

01204 402372



Paul Smalley

07570 091794

QP Smithills

Dave Grundy

01204 479127

07722 157342


Chris Barnes

01204 844736

Over Hulton    A

Gordon Butler

01204 491483



Andy Eccles


Tonge Moor

Dave Crook

01204 535837



Alan Hesford

01204 400151

Railway Church Ward

Daniel Fletcher

01204 417889


Little Hulton

Tom Martin


07940 335286


Mike Orton

0161 950 1951


Astley Bridge     B

Kevan Latham

01204 842530

07505 320612

BCC Rumworth

Paul CalderBank

01204 665164



(Thursday 01 March 2018)

League Rules 2018

       Bolton & District Conservative Bowling League Rules


Section 1              General Rules
Section 2              League Game Rules
Section 3              League Cup Competitions
Section 4              Individual Cup Competitions
Section 5              Awards 


Section 1              General League Rules

1.1        The league shall be called “Bolton & District Conservative Bowling League 

1.2        All members must be affiliated to the Lancashire County Bowling Association and be registered with the British Crown Green Bowling Association, they must also be registered members of the clubs whom they are attached and be at least sixteen years of age. 

1.3        All Clubs must be insured against public liability claims, a current insurance certificate will be displayed on the club’s premises in accordance with BCGBA rules. Any player wishing to pursue a claim must inform a responsible member of the club against which the claim is being made and the nature of the claim. They must also inform the secretary of the LCBA. 

1.4        To compete in the league each team will pay an annual fee; this figure will be agreed at the AGM each year. The fee includes a £20 registration cost. All registration fees must be paid to the League Treasurer on or before the September league meeting. 

1.5     Any team who wish to join the league should register with the league secretary prior to the AGM meeting (January), quoting the Team name and each player’s name, also their BCCGA registration number.  Any Team wishing to leave the league should also notify the league prior to the AGM.  Additional players can be registered at any time throughout the season by applying to the league secretary, a period of 48 hrs is needed to complete a registration. Any Team playing un-registered players shall automatically forfeit that game 21-0 to the opposition. 

1.6     Players may play for only one team throughout the season 

1.7     The AGM will take place in January each year. All players attending the AGM will be allowed one vote. Any alteration to these rules can only take place at the AGM meeting, and any proposals involving changes to these rules must in the secretary’s hand at least fourteen days before the meeting. 

1.8     At least one representative from each team is expected to attend each meeting.



Section 2              League Game Rules

2.1     all teams shall consist of eight players 

2.2     All games will be 21 up, and played in accordance with BCGBA Rules. 

2.3     Starting Times to be 6-30 pm in April and August, except by agreement, 7-00 pm from May to July. 

2.4     A minimum of 4 players must be available at the commencement of every game, all players to be in attendance no later than 1 hour after the commencement of the game, unless by agreement of the two captains. In the event of a team being a player short a score of 21-0 will be recorded against the team score, and a score of 21-10 will awarded to the player from the opposing team for the merit award. 

2.5     The home team representative is responsible for entering the match results on to cgleague web based system within 7 days of the match, also the home team will keep a written record of the match which has been verified by both team captains after the game.

In the case of any disputes with the web based results, the league secretary or results secretary will request the match documentation in question for verification of the result. 

2.6     The winning team will be the team with the highest aggregate points, with two match points awarded for a home win and three match points for an away win. If the match is drawn, they will count one point for a home draw and two points for an away draw. In addition, each team will count one point for each individual winner. League position will be determined by the total number of points scored.  

2.7     The night of play for Conservative league matches is Wednesday (only greens where more than TWO teams play will alternate nights be accepted). All matches must be played on the dates specified in the fixture list and can only be postponed if the green is unfit for use due to the weather, the final decision as to the green fitness rests with the home team captain (or green keeper if available). “The home team must then provide 3 alternative dates which should be within one month of the original date and the League Secretary should be advised of the new date chosen.". The unavailability of players is not acceptable as a reason to postpone or rearrange a match.

2.8     Only the winning player of each end shall signal the score to the marker

2.9     During a measure, the players concerned must not interfere with the measurer’s, the measures decision is final.

2.10   In both Sections playing partners will be drawn at random    

2.11   In the event of a tie for league winning positions in either section, the teams in question will play off on a neutral green.

 2.12   Promotion and relegation will be based on bottom two teams section “A”   being relegated, the top two teams in section “B” being promoted, however this may vary dependant on team numbers. In cases where teams are level on points at the end of the season then aggregate scores (over all averages) will be used.



  Section 3              League Cup Competitions 

3.1      To partake in the league cup, a player must have played in a least one league game to qualify for the first round, and at least three league games to qualify for the final. 

3.2     Cup matches will be played on either a knockout basis or a round robin basis using the format of four at home four away.  Practice prior to these matches is permitted (the only exception will be finals played on neutral greens). The winning team will be the team with the highest number of aggregate points. Should there be a draw in the final, two players from each team will play off on one quarter handicap.

 If there is a draw in the Round Robin cup format this will count as one point for each team in the Round Robin mini league. If there is a draw in the Knock Out cup format; 4 players from each team shall play off, 2 matches at each green using half handicap. In the event of the game still being a draw the match should be replayed at the earliest opportunity".



Section 4              Individual Cup Competitions 

4.1     The Presidents Cup & Arbuthnot Trophy are open to all registered   league member. Players will be handicapped as follows.  Section “A” players Scratch, Section “B” players +3. Home Team players should forfeit the block at the commencement of the game.


  Section 5              Awards       

5.1     The merit prize will be determined by a player’s average (points scored divided by points against). To qualify for the merit prize, a player must not miss more than four league games, and not more than two away games. In addition, he must play in the last two scheduled league matches. 

5.2     Prize winners (or their representative) are expected to attend the presentation evening to claim their prizes. In the event they do not attend they will have twenty-one days to collect, or their club’s prizes otherwise they will be forfeited







(Thursday 18 January 2018)