Bolton Winter League played at Over Hulton


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Welcome to the web site of the Bolton Winter league. The website manager is Brian Anderson.  he will register players and enter the results on a daily basis.

Match Days are Mondays and Tuesdays of each week.  Play starts at 12.15pm each day, all players are requested to arrive to the green by 12.00 latest.

Team Captains, please collect the daily fees from your players and pass to Gordon Butler, prior to commencement of play.  

'Home' Captains you are responsible for writing out the match cards, please write out your 1st, 2nd and 3rd pairings onto the cards then ask your opposing Captain to declare their 1st, 2nd and 3rd pairing.  This method will ensure a fair draw is made each time.  At the conclusion of the match both Captains are responsible for checking and agreeing the scores, and finally passing them onto Brian.


Games are between pairs of players and are 15 up,  a win gains 2 points for your team,  also a further 2 points is gained for winning the aggregate.  If the losing pair score 12 or more chalks then a bonus team point will be earned.

In the case of the aggregate being level then the team with the 2 game wins gets the 2 aggregate points. 

League positions will be determined by the total points won and in the case of points being equal then the total chalks won will be used to determine the winner/ places.

Individual merit

   Will also be played for,  each player in a winning pair gains 2pts towards their merit total,  also a losing pair scoring 12 or more will earn a bonus merit point.  The top merit winner will be the one with the most merit points,  in the case of players being equal then net chalks will be used to determine the Leading Merit winner.


Pies, Homemade Soup, Teas, Coffee, with Biscuits and OXO, will be available greenside.

Alcoholic beverages from the Club Bar

League began 17th September, all players and spectators are very welcome





Season gets off to a fine start, at least weatherwise.

Bolton Winter League Prize Money

Season gets off to a fine start, at least weatherwise.

  Week 1 matches have now been completed and it seems most teams and players are happy with the scoring and merit points system,  obviously like ourselves, we are not happy with how many points we currently have but is very early days.

    A fine win today for the Old Hultonians pairing of Kevin Pickavance and Carlton Caterall, beating the usual hotshots pairing of John Mort and Brian Lawton to 6.  However that's as good as it got for the Old Hults.  

  The league is being led by Roy's Boy's and the Wasps,  who have stung both of the home teams this week.   A fine win also today for the Bandits who beat a strong looking Plodders team.   All the while though Doe Hey continue to amass points on a consistant basis.

Looking forward to the resumption of play on Monday 1st October

(Tuesday 18 September 2018)

Bolton Winter League Prize Money

We are pleased to announce the total prize fund of £1700 will be on offer this season. 


It will be distributed as followsLaughing

League Champions  £300      

2nd place                   £240

3rd place                   £210

4th place                   £180

5th place                   £160

6th place                   £140

7th place                   £120

8th place                   £100

9th place                   £80

10th place                 £70


Individual Merit Prizes             

Winner                   £60

Runner Up               £40





(Friday 07 September 2018)