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The Urmston Mens Vets Bowling League operates two divisions in an area mainly consisting of Urmston, Stretford and south-west Salford. We operate two divisions, playing on Wednesday afternoons. Teams are of ten men, over 55 years of age.

The league is run from day to day by its management committee:

  • Chairman: Allan Cowie
  • Vice-chairman: Jack Taylor
  • Secretary: Mike Mulchrone
  • Treasurer:
  • Fixture secretary: Ross Kavanagh
  • Committee members:

2018 Season

Presentation Day

Substitutions in Division 2

Direct entry of match results


2018 Season

The fixtures and draws for the 2018 season are now available. You can click on any team name to see a summary of that team's fixtures. The Tables page also has links to the draws for the knock-out cups. An incorrect set of fixtures was briefly shown on 8/9 January.

The management committee met on 8 January and approved the programme for 2018:

  • Wed 24 January: general and delegates' meeting: discussion of rule changes and distribution of provisional registration lists
  • Wed 7 March: payment of fees, distribution of fixture cards, entry forms, match sheets etc
  • Mon 4 June: Merit qualifying
  • Fri 8 June: Merit final
  • Mon 9 July: Div 2 KO cup Round 1
  • Wed 11 July: Div 1 KO cup Round 1
  • Mon 23 July: Div 2 KO cup Round 2
  • Wed 1 August: Div 1 KO cup Round 2
  • Mon 6 August: Joe Rigby Pairs qualifying
  • Fri 10 August: Joe Rigby Pairs final
  • Mon 3 September: Divs 1 and 2 KO cup Semi-finals
  • Wed 19 September: Divs 1 and 2 KO cup Finals
  • Wed 26 September: Salford v Trafford and Presentations

The dates when greens are required for these various events are shown on the Green rota page.

(Monday 08 January 2018)

Presentation Day

The Presentation Day, sponsored by Paul Tonge of the Motor Corner, was held on Wednesday 27 September at Metro Sports Club. In the Memorial match Trafford receive 35 chalks start (which would have resulted in a draw last year). Salford had nine winners to Trafford's three, but all the games were reasonably close. The handicap did its job, resulting in a win for Trafford.

The match was followed by presentation of the various trophies and prize moneys for the 2017 season.


Trafford Salford
Keith Hughes Flixton CC 14   Jack Kelly Winton Social A 21 7
Keith Walden Linden 21 11 Alec Lawson Irlam Vets A 10  
Nick Doherty Victoria Park 19   Alan Stocks Chandos B 21 2
John Briggs Walton Park 17   Peter Newman Winton Social C 21 4
Steve Cook Metro Sports 21 1 Sam Hamer Winton Social B 20  
Barry Brett Urmston Mens 16   Peter Scott Patricroft Park 21 5
Ambrose Doherty Partington 15   Ben Wilson Monton B 21 6
Tom Allison United Services 21 8 Ray Hankey Winton Social A 13  
Keith Dawson Sale Cons 18   Peter Dowson Chandos A 21 3
Bev Rigby Flixton Ex-Servicemens 16   Eddie Mann Irlam Vets B 21 5
Peter Thompson Roebuck 20   Nick Brewin Monton A 21 1
Tom Lawson Flixton Cons 15   Stuart Metcalf Clifton 21 6
Handicap 35 35      
TOTAL 248 55 TOTAL 232 39

(Wednesday 27 September 2017)

Substitutions in Division 2

At the 2015 AGM delegates asked the management committee to review the bye-law allowing division 2 teams to use a player twice. After much discussion, the committee decided to keep the rule in its present form, but to limit its use to ten occasions per team in each season.

Also the opponent of the player playing again may have a four-end rollover before his game.

A further refinement was introduced at the 2016 AGM: if both teams are short then neither side can have a player playing twice. In other words, the purpose of a player playing again is to allow someone on the other team to get a game where he otherwise wouldn't.

The rules have now been updated to show this.

(Thursday 03 November 2016)

Direct entry of match results

For the 2014 season we are trying out a new system where team captains can enter match results directly on the web site. This will produce instant updates of the league tables.

See the user guide for full details.

(Tuesday 01 April 2014)


The 2012 to 2014 seasons have now been copied to the archives. There is a link at the top of every page to take you there.

In the archives you can search for records of leagues, teams and players, across all the leagues on this site.

The 2011 season is now included as well, although we don't have detailed match scores.

(Wednesday 19 December 2012)